James Muir

Senior Vice President of Sales

James Muir literally wrote the book on sales. And his books are based on decades of adding value to organizations every step of the way. Whether it is providing an in-depth analysis of their revenue cycle or connecting with them with innovative solutions that deliver more than they could have imagined, James’ gift is understanding what companies need, making the complex simple, and delivering measurable results.

A 30-year healthcare veteran with revered organizations like Conifer Health and NextGen and many others, James joined UnisLink at SVP of Sales in October 2023. He is a highly respected growth leader, bestselling author, speaker, and seasoned revenue cycle expert specializing in leveraging technology to improve financial performance for clients and personal value for their stakeholders.

James has extensive background in healthcare where he has built relationships with some the largest names in technology and healthcare including HCA, Tenet, Catholic Healthcare, Banner, Dell, IBM and others.

Throughout his career, James has focused on helping leaders in healthcare think through and overcome their biggest business challenges and to reach their personal goals.

James and his family live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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