Our Advanced RCM Technology Improves Revenue Performance

The Most Advanced Technology Available for Healthcare RCM

Today’s healthcare environment requires sophisticated revenue cycle management (RMC) technology to get paid. UnisLink’s proprietary software with our billing services works seamlessly with your own practice EMR/EHR. Our systems optimize your platforms even further, allowing you the freedom to maintain your current EMR/EHR while maximizing your financial performance.

UnisLink Offers Unmatched Technology and Systems to Help Practices Succeed

UnisLink is the only RCM services company that combines premium RCM data analytics, state-of-the-art technology with automated processes, and responsive client services into a single, medical billing solution.

  • Delivers Actionable Practice Insights
  • Manages Billing More Completely
  • Reduces Coding and Billing Errors
  • Collects More From Patients
  • Drives Higher Collection Rates

UnisLink Engage™ Analytics

UnisLink Engage™ Analytics is a graphical analytics platform included with all our medical billing solutions and delivers actionable insights that lead to better performance and greater practice revenue – all from any PC, Tablet, or Mobile Device.

Engage Analytics™ allows you to visualize your performance and goals including:

  • Financial Dashboards and Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reimbursement Reports
  • Denial Analysis
  • Contract Management and Allowable Analysis
  • Underpayment Analysis
  • Financial Trending
  • Drill Down Capability
  • Coding and Billing Tools
    (LCD – Local Coverage Determination Lookup)
  • Decision Support
  • Patient Engagement Dashboards
  • And more…

UnisLink SmartHub™

UnisLink SmartHub™ is our centralized “nerve center” that drives efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with project management, patient communications, and collaboration tools across the entire UnisLink enterprise.

UnisLink SmartHub is a collection of automated tools that help us serve you better. These RCM tools are centralized within a single platform to enable us to monitor operational performance, automate repetitive and mundane tasks, analyze, and drive better quality and productivity. The result is higher efficiencies in completing all of the necessary tasks required for the highest levels of revenue cycle performance.

SmartHub™ revenue cycle technology includes Robotic Process Automation for:

  • Automated Payment Posting
  • Claims Status Checks
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Credentialing Follow-up
  • Patient Communication Technology
  • Enterprise Reporting and Analytics
  • AR Management
  • Quality Management
  • Client Onboarding Tools
  • And much more

UnisLink Intelligent Care Management System (iCMS™)

UnisLink Intelligent Care Management System (iCMS™) helps improve patient engagement while reducing costs. iCMS™ integrates with your EMR/EHR system to deliver advanced engagement capabilities, risk mitigation, care gap identification, and more.

iCMS™ allows you to focus on the areas that will most benefit your practice.

  • Patient Engagement
  • Proactive Patient Alerts
  • Gare Gap Analysis
  • Quality Measures
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Population Health

Where We Use Our Technology

Medical Credentialing Smart Automation

UnisLink’s Medical Credentialing Automation uses proprietary software that automatically maintains and updates provider payer credentials. Medical practices spend, on average, $7,000 for each provider credential application, plus 20 hours of administrative time.

UnisLink’s Medical Credentialing Automation eliminates this cost as well as claim denials caused by credentialing errors and delays.

Insurance Discovery

UnisLink’s Insurance Discovery feature streamlines patient insurance identification, uncovering active coverage through our specialized networks. This reduces uncompensated care by quickly and efficiently securing patient coverage.

This is invaluable for hospital-based specialties where practices are often dependent on error-prone hospital registration information.

Insurance Discovery helps your practice:

  • Collect More Revenue
  • Get Paid Faster (Reducing AR Days)
  • Recover Lost Revenue
  • Easily Find Medicare Coverage
  • Simplify Workflow
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction.

Proactive Care Reminders

Timely follow-up with the provider is key to delivering quality health care. UnisLink’s iCMS solution leverages clinical rules to identify patients that need follow-up visits including appointments such as annual wellness, diabetic follow-up, and chronic disease.

The patients are engaged through text messages or automated phone calls resulting in a higher number of appointments while delivering better care.

iCMS reduces the administrative burden on your clinical/front desk staff enables you to deliver better care and drives more visits.

Electronic Patient Statements

UnisLink Electronic Patient Statements result in faster payments at lower costs. We support both text and email statements, allowing for faster delivery, as patients receive their electronic statements the moment their balance becomes due. Because patients can store their credit card on file, they have a greater propensity to pay with a single click.

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance security while providing convenience for patients.

By eliminating paper, printing, and mailing expenses, practices see significant savings by reducing up to 86% of the cost and human labor.

UnisLink follows strict standards (HIPAA, HITRUST, CCPA, TCPA, and FDCP) to ensure compliance. Encrypted digital statements enhance security and protect sensitive patient data.

MIPS Reporting

MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) is a Medicare value-based care program that encourages healthcare professionals to improve patient services’ quality and efficiency while maintaining financial stability. Failure to comply with MIPS requirements can result in Medicare financial penalties and harm a provider’s reputation.

UnisLink is an ONC HIT Certified Medicare Registry. Our software simplifies MIPS quality tracking and reporting for you. Experts help ensure compliance, select the right measures, and maximize your MIPS bonuses for participating providers.

With UnisLink, Clients See Reductions in Cost and Increases in Reimbursements


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