Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our approach to RCM and billing services is data-driven with tight
processes managed by experts that ensure improved collections.

Fast, Accurate Medical Billing
Payments is the Whole Point

Revenue cycle management teams have a mission to bill patients and get reimbursed accurately and quickly. But, if you’re like most independent physician groups, you’re missing some serious chunks of change because medical claims are denied, contacting insurance is a hassle, and patient collections are a pain. Throw in some RCM staffing challenges and you’re probably not optimizing your revenue or your profits.

10 Reasons Revenue Cycle Management
Has Gotten More Complicated

Managing RCM teams at the practice level has become more complicated due to:

  1. Complex and constantly changing payer rules and contracts
  2. Staffing shortages and challenges related to turnover
  3. Ever changing regulatory compliance updates
  4. Inconsistent payer policies and delays with prior authorizations
  5. Difficulties managing denials and underpayments
  6. Challenges managing capitation and managed care plans
  7. Inconsistent credentialing and taxonomy issues
  8. Collecting from self-pay and patients with high-deductible health plans
  9. Declining payer reimbursement
  10. Rising operating costs (e.g. staffing, benefits, office overhead, etc.)

Outsource Your RCM to UnisLink for Increased Revenue and Reduced Cost

UnisLink delivers specific revenue cycle management solutions with advanced technology and expert insight to optimize revenue and streamline processes. Our RCM services drive increased revenue and more timely payments for medical practices.

We work with the most popular EMR/EHR and PM platforms, layering in our unparalleled revenue intelligence analytics. The results are an end-to-end medical billing solution that’s guaranteed to improve your financial performance

UnisLink is an ONC HIT Certified clinical
quality measures solution that
integrates with any EMR system.


Revenue Readiness

We ensure your practice is “revenue ready” by making sure your RCM foundations are in place to capture your rightful revenue. Revenue readiness services include:

  • Medical Credentialing
  • EDI/EFT Enrollment
  • Payer Administration
  • Charge Master Optimization
  • Practice Management Platform Optimization

Revenue Optimization

Revenue optimization services establish necessary feedback loops to ensure claims are managed effectively, which reduces denials and accelerates (cash flow) revenue. Revenue optimization services include:

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • Claims Edits/Scrubbing
  • Claim Submission
  • Insurance Follow-Up
  • Denials Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Statements (print & electronic)
  • Patient Inbound Calls
  • Patient Collections

Revenue Intelligence

We identify actionable insights that point to areas of risk for mitigation and opportunities for revenue and efficiency improvements.

  • RCM Reporting & Analytics
  • RCM Consultation
  • Denials Prevention
  • Workflow & Process Improvement
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Proactive Performance Monitoring
  • More than 100 KPIs by Provider, Payer, Location and more
  • Payer Benchmarking
  • Regulatory Monitoring

Revenue Enhancement

Proprietary technology looks at your practice data and offers the tools to engage with the patient to improve the quality of care and generate more revenue.

  • MIPS Reporting
  • Value-Based Care Support
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Care Gap Analytics
  • Patient Engagement and Recall
  • Process Enhancement

Practice Improvement

UnisLink’s proprietary Engage™ Reporting App is an analytics tool that compiles data from your medical billing system and generates actionable analytic reports. Dashboards include graphic visualizations that provide insights to help improve processes across all departments.


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