Practice Analytics

Get a clear view of your practice performance using our powerful RCM data analytics tools.

Engage™ Analytics Delivers Insights for Improved Clinic Management

UnisLink’s Engage™ Analytics tool offers visual data dashboards that are included with all our RCM billing solutions. Engage™ helps practices dramatically improve revenue performance.

Powerful Insights Lead to Better Decisions


Provides insights required for strategic decisions

Engage™ guides your strategic decision with payers, internal operations, financial performance, and more. Practices can optimize resource allocation, identify growth opportunities, and enhance financial performance.

Maximizes revenue capture

Identify and rectify revenue leakage points. By ensuring accurate billing, proper medical coding, and compliance with regulations, our clients collect the maximum revenue they are entitled to.

Optimizes medical coding and billing

Provide transparency, insights, and benchmark comparison into your medical coding that reduces errors, improves efficiency, and eliminates risks from over- and under-coding.

Improves charge capture

Engage™ ensures that charges are properly captured and accurately billed. Used by your team and ours, Engage™ identifies missed charges, coding issues, and discrepancies that cause lost revenue.

Unify Your Financial Insights with Engage™ Dashboards

Engage™ dashboards provide a centralized hub for all your critical financial metrics and key RCM performance indicators (KPIs). See everything at a glance – no more time wasted hunting through reports. Visualizations like graphs, charts, and trend lines quickly turn your data into insights. Identify patterns, anomalies, and other areas needing attention.

Proactive Denial Analysis: Discover Root Cause and Prevent Denials


Proactively identify common reasons for denials, such as credentialing, eligibility, authorization, coding errors, medical necessity, or insufficient information. Fewer denials mean increasing the rate of successful reimbursements, which leads to a healthier bottom line.

Eliminating billing errors streamlines the entire billing process and provides a better patient experience.

Maximize Revenue with Contract Management & Allowable Analysis

Denials and underpayments are always a challenge for medical practices. UnisLink’s Engage™ Analytics analyzes your payment data to provide insights into your contract and ensures that the terms and conditions of your payer contracts are adhered to, maximizing your reimbursements.

Engage™ provides insights into payer performance and reimbursement trends, enabling practices to make informed decisions about payer contract negotiations.

Code Right, Get Paid Faster: Powerful Tools That Drive Accurate Billing

Engage™ LCD Lookup provides immediate access to LCD policies, which define under what clinical circumstances Medicare covers a service. This helps ensure that your services meet the necessary criteria for reimbursement, reducing the risk of claim denials.

Engage™ Profiler profiles your provider’s E&M coding against national benchmarks. This delivers important insights into both over-coding as well as under-coding which affect both revenue and audit risk. This helps to educate providers and encourage further exploration into why a provider’s coding patterns might be outside the expected patterns.


How Engage™ Makes Analytics Easy

UnisLink’s usability and clean, intuitive user interface make practice analytics easy for users of all skill levels.

Integration With Your EMR/EHR

UnisLink Engage™ works with your EMR/EHR giving you the freedom to select whichever practice management system and medical record system is best for your practice.

Innovative Technology

UnisLink’s innovative technology delivers quick actionable insights by connecting with your platforms as well as the UnisLink technology ecosystem.

Expert Support

Our RCM experts help you get the most from your UnisLink Engage™ Analytics platform.

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