Medical Credentialing Services

We navigate the complex medical credentialing process for our clients to ensure providers
are set up for accurate billing and payment reimbursement on day one.

Why Provider Credentialing Matters

Provider credentialing is an intricate process and the first step in successful healthcare revenue cycle management. A successful process verifies the qualifications of medical professionals to practice in their respective state, and enrolls them with the insurance payers accepted by the practice.

It’s important that providers possess appropriate qualifications to provide patient care and to meet state regulations. The process involves verification of education, training, licensure, certifications, and other crucial credentials essential for practicing medicine.

Medical Credentialing is Getting
More Complex

The challenges in medical credentialing are growing with changes in regulatory compliance, accreditation standards, and an expanding array of specialties and new medical technologies. Insurance payers have different requirements and standards for submitting applications for enrollment.

Meticulous credentialing ensures that healthcare providers meet the rigorous standards required for delivering safe and high-quality care to protect patients. Correct credentialing for medical providers protects the provider group and ensures prompt payer reimbursements.

Healthcare Leaders Report Credentialing Errors are Increasing Denials

According to MGMA, 56% of practices reported an increase in denials due to mistakes with credentialing. MGMA Stat Poll

Get Rid of the Paper and Hassles of Medical Credentialing

Let experts do the work, so you minimize your risk and maximize the reward.

With UnisLink’s medical credentialing service, providers can start
visiting patients and submitting claims as quickly as possible.


Proprietary Software

UnisLink has proprietary software that automates ongoing credentialing maintenance.
Our highly experienced revenue cycle management team understands exactly how to manage complex medical credentialing requirements, simplifying that process for you. We offer a personalized approach with smooth communications so everyone on the provider’s team knows where we are in the process. Providers are set up correctly for accurate billing and quick reimbursement.

Handling Every Detail

Our team ensures a seamless transition for providers and your organization or practice. We handle all the details from gathering necessary documents to completing applications and managing communication with credentialing entities.

Prompt Payer Enrollment

Payer enrollment is the process of a provider joining a health insurance plan network. Whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, or private payer enrollment, we take care of the intricate details and streamline the payer enrollment. Our team manages the paperwork, submissions, and follow-ups, optimizing the process for swift provider approval.

Recredentialing and Maintenance

Centralizing medical credentialing data is crucial for efficient medical billing operations. The UnisLink RCM team offers robust database management solutions, organizing and maintaining all credentialing-related information securely.

Credentialing Database Management

Follow-up programs are critical to success in collecting patient balances. Our follow-up programs go beyond the typical written communication; they include action steps to proactively reach out to patients and guarantors.

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