Medical Coding Services

We streamline the medical coding process by combining advanced technology, industry expertise, and a commitment to precision. Our certified coders have expertise in over 70+ specialties to ensure your coding accuracy.

UnisLink’s Coding Accuracy Improves Reimbursement

Accurate and efficient medical coding is a crucial component of revenue cycle management for proper reimbursement and operational success.

Reduce Errors in Coding

By outsourcing the medical coding to UnisLink, physician groups can significantly reduce the risk of errors and coding-related denials, optimizing reimbursement.

Reduce Overhead Expenses

This strategic operational shift not only enhances accuracy and improves financial performance, it eliminates the staffing headaches and overhead for managing complex teams. Providers can refocus internal resources on core patient care and patient satisfaction.

Accelerate Payer Reimbursements

Accurate medical coding and professional coding standards, with advanced technology, make for quick turnaround time after the visit which accelerates payer reimbursement


Certified Medical Coders

Our certified coders bring expertise across various specialties. They ensure accurate assignment of ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes, maintaining compliance with industry standards and payer requirements.

At UnisLink, we operate our own premier coding institute that graduates certified medical coding professionals who work with our clients at clinics and hospitals around the country. This guarantees our clients have uninterrupted support.

Audit Services

We offer comprehensive medical coding audits to mitigate risks and optimize coding accuracy for improved revenue performance. Audit results deliver feedback to providers to improve documentation.

Internal Coding Compliance Review

Our management team conducts client coding reviews to ensure our professional medical coding is accurate and aligns with regulatory requirements.


We leverage advanced proprietary medical billing and coding software with best practice processes that result in accurate coding and faster turnaround.

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