MIPS Quality Reporting

We’re experts in MIPS quality tracking & reporting. By blending industry expertise,
innovative technology, you can avoid penalties and take advantage of reimbursements bonuses.

Our personalized medical collection services improve communications and reduce complexity for patients, increasing satisfaction and providing them more incentive to pay on time.

What is MIPS?

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a Medicare value-based care program that incentivizes healthcare professionals to enhance the quality and efficiency of their patient services, while maintaining financial stability.

MIPS scores are determined based on four performance categories: Quality, Cost, Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use), and Improvement Activities.

MIPS Reporting is Challenging
for Most Practices

MIPS quality reporting is a complex and time-consuming task for healthcare providers to effectively navigate. The challenges include staying up-to-date on evolving regulatory changes, accurately capturing and documenting performance data, and ensuring compliance with reporting deadlines. Failure to meet MIPS requirements can result in Medicare financial penalties and have a negative impact on a provider’s reputation.


UnisLink Simplifies MIPS Quality Tracking & Reporting

We enable our clients to excel in reporting their value-based care initiatives and maximize reimbursements. We simplify the process of complex MIPS reporting for physician groups and elevate quality standards.

UnisLink is ONC Certified HIT
as a Clinical Quality Measures Solution

Our systems work with most common EHR systems as an ONC Certified HIT stand-alone solution for clinical quality measures (CQM) reporting.

We help you stay on top of the goals that matter to you and proactively track them. Our UnisLink Registry Service facilitates easy submission of MIPS measures.

Learn More About ONC Certified HIT

Our RCM Consultants Stragically
Target KPIs for Practice Improvement

Reap the benefits of UnisLink’s experienced consulting team, which provides valuable insights into performance metrics and benchmarking, identifying key areas for improvement and optimization. By leveraging these insights, providers can strategically improve the operation, leading to better quality care, patient outcomes, and improved MIPS scores.


MIPS Expertise

Our team of MIPS reporting experts are focused and well-versed in the intricacies of regulatory compliance, including ongoing changes to requirements. We can help you select and report the right measures for you in order to receive the bonuses you qualify for under MIPS.

Enhanced Accuracy and Data Integrity

Accurate and comprehensive data collection is fundamental to achieving a high MIPS score. Our dedicated team meticulously tracks and validates the data, reporting, and submission, minimizing errors and discrepancies that can negatively impact MIPS performance.

Better Transparency, Better Reporting

Your MIPS measures and progress are reported back to you in real time using UnisLink’s proprietary analytics platform called Engage. Here you will see dashboards and reports that show your MIPS progress.

Medical Billing Services

RCM Services
Advanced medical billing software
and expert billing pros improve
processes and payer reimbursement.

Medical Coding
Certified, professional medical coders
reduce the risk of errors and payer
denials, accelerating revenue.

Medical Credentialing
Minimize risk and reduce
denials with credentialing
specialists for all provider types

Patient Collections
Professional medical bill collections
teams reduce A/R while maintaining
positive patient relationships.

Practice Analytics
Proprietary analytics tool uncovers
practice KPIs for specific revenue

MIPS Reporting
MIPS data is accurately measured and
reported on time with tracking and
medical reporting solutions.

RCM Consultation
RCM experts are data-driven with deep
experience uncovering insight where each
client optimizes revenue potential.

Supported Platforms
Advanced, proprietary medical billing
technology is layered on client platforms
for streamlined processes and
increased efficiency.

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