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I have been working with UnisLink since 2015 and have been very pleased with their service. Efficiency & readiness come to mind every time I interact with them. I foremost appreciate their real-time feedback when I have questions or concerns. They simplify my practice and life tremendously.

Dr. Christian Sciutto, Internal Medicine Specialist

Fantastic group of extremely qualified professionals. Not only high quality of work but great response to meet our needs, adapt, and change when necessary. Great leadership too!

Dr. Pedro Rodriguez Guggiari, Founder and President, Internal Medicine

Excellent organization! One-stop place for all the Medical Management Services. Extremely professional, prompt, and efficient. Always innovating to improve Medical Practices and maximize the potential of the Practices.

Dr. Rajiv Parikh, Family Medicine

The folks at UnisLink are masters of complex billing. They have made a huge difference for us in terms of denial reduction and improved revenue.

Dr. Ramit Sharma - CEO, Critical Care Medicine Practice

UnisLink has been devoted to providing my neurology practice with full-service billing and EMR for over 25 years. They have always been reliable and provided excellent service that has allowed me to focus on doing what I do well. We’ve weathered many storms as the healthcare industry has changed and we’ve grown together. Today, my independent practice is recognized as a stand-out, premier -Best in Tampa Bay- practice.

Dr. Thomas Pearson, Leadership Team, Neurology

We have been clients of UnisLink for almost a decade now, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. They have grown with us, and growth always brings challenges. But I have always appreciated their professionalism, diligence, and willingness to work with their clients for things big and small. I have the highest regard for the owners & staff of UnisLink.

Varesh Chaurasia MBA, MHA, CEO, Multispeciality Clinic

Billing is done timely and we have excellent account receivables metrics. They respond to office and customers with billing issues quickly with a positive attitude.

Dr. Victor Salazar-Calderon, Neurology